About Us

Floor Systems Qld is a local family owned concrete surface preparation company established June 2007.cutting-concrete

Whilst our company is still young, our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry paves our way forward to success.

Our background experience includes;

Ray, with over 45 Years experience in the flooring industry with 25 Years of sanding and finishing timber floors, 8 years as an owner/operator of a retail flooring store and many more years as a carpet/vinyl installation contractor.

Scott with over 10 years as a Vinyl/Timber and Carpet installer, 4 years as a carpenter, and 4 years as a project manager/estimator for a large commercial flooring contractor

We place emphasis on experience, because it is something that cannot be written off, purchased or fudged, we rely heavily oncracked-floor our background knowledge of the flooring and construction industries and our success as a business is testament to that.

Due to our range of machinery and availabilty of operators, we are capable of taking on large projects and finishing the job on or before time.

Please feel free to contact us regarding more recent larger work with regard to Polished Concrete Floors or any of our other services.