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Floor Systems Qld has invested a substantial amount of time and money into researching and acquiring the very latest and highest quality machinery on the market. Ultimately this enables us to provide the most efficient service to our clients, giving quick turn-around times for projects.

In Addition to our Recently purchased Single Phase 530 mm Floor Grinder and our established 3 phase powered 680mm and 820mm width Dustless Diamond Grinders and 5500cfm Dust Extractors, Floor Systems Qld has also newly purchased a large and powerful floor stripping machine, capable of removing ceramic tiles with ease, stuck down timber,vinyl,carpets, terrazzo and sand/cement screeds.

Our determination to provide the very best quality in machinery flows through to our attitude towards our business and service to our clients.

Our services include:


Leveling floors – Any thickness, with an extensive range of floor leveling products available from Australia and Europe’s most trusted, leading self leveling engineered cement manufacturers such as Ardex, BASF,Mapei and Kiesel.

Concrete Grinding – With our Dustless Diamond Grinding Machinery, Floor Systems Qld is capable of leveling floors, removing adhesives and epoxy coatings in order to create a surface acceptable to receive new floor coverings or coatings, as the Australian Standards demands.

Concrete Polishing – There are many ways to have your concrete polished , the most common is to grind the floor smooth showing stone or not (if preferred) with our 3 phase powered Diamond grinders then applying the coating of choice usually polyurethane or epoxy coatings to give a shine on your floor when properly maintained, these coatings are suitable for most commercial applications (offices, warehouses and retail space)

Hiperfloor Flooring System whereby the concrete is ground back and hardened and a series of metal and resin bonded diamond grit pads are used to give a shine without relying on a coating. Please see Hiperfloor Photos in the Products Catalogue under Polished Concrete.

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